Prof Sandra Eldridge

Executive Member, Primary Health Care Scientists co-Lead
Professor of Biostatistics
020 7882 2483

I graduated from Oxford with a Mathematics degree. I have taught Mathematics in the UK and Africa. I have a Masters in Medical Demography from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a PhD from the University of London. I am a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a member of the Higher Education Academy. I am Professor of Biostatistics, joint lead of the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health at Queen Mary University of London, Director of the UKCRC registered Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit and joint lead of the east London spoke of RDS London. I sit on various funding panels for NIHR.Sandra's main research interests are cluster randomised trials and complex interventions particularly in primary care. She has published a number of key papers on cluster randomised trials. In addition to her methodological research she has responsibility for the statistical design and analysis aspects of a large number of collaborative research projects mostly concerned with the management of chronic conditions; many of these projects involve cluster randomised trials.

In my role within SAPC I am the co-lead of the PhoCuS group with Christine Bond

From the time I started working in academic primary care in 1994 I have been concerned to contribute to a Strong methodological base within the discipline. I led the setting up of the Royal Statistical Society Primary Health Care Study Group in 2002 with the aim of supporting and encouraging statisticians working in primary care. Through working on several large cluster randomized trials in the late 1990s, I developed a particular interest in these trials, completing a doctorate in this area in 2005. I am involved in many empirical trials, continue my methodological interest in cluster randomised trials and in pragmatic trials more generally, as well as in the effectiveness of complex interventions. I am involved in revision of the Cochrane Risk of Bias tool and lead an international group of researchers developing reporting guidelines for pilot and feasibility studies.

Sandra is co-chair of the Phocus (Primary Healthcare Scientists) group

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29 Sep 2015

We have a mentoring scheme for academics that allows us to help enhance your career. Details of the mentors and their areas of interest are described 

24 Sep 2015

Together with Christine Bond, I lead the SAPC Primary Health Care Scientists (PHoCuS) group to provide focus for and support non-medically qualified members of the Society. The request for this group to be established came from two medically qualified SAPC members - Professor Helen Lester and Professor Peter Croft. We have to thank both of them for helping us establish the group, Helen for her vision and belief in the added value PHoCuS members brought to APC and Peter for identifying a start-up fund of £5k.

24 Aug 2015

PhoCus - The group for Primary Healthcare Scientists led by Christine Bond & Sandra Eldridge